Quantifying ESG integration effectiveness

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An ESG-Focused Manager Analysis Toolkit

Integrate ESG analysis in manager selection using a proprietary software suite.

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ESG Footprint

Web based reporting tools customizable to your preferred factor weights. Plotting ESG data against risk and performance in absolute and relative terms

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FLAME Logo to alpha mapping

How much alpha have your managers generated in conjunction with ESG changes, both from a return generation and from a loss avoidance standpoint

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ESG Scan

Using managers' past portfolios, we ascertain their ability to anticipate ESG changes and we establish their DNA. We also track how that specific skill set has expressed itself over time

Why Prius Partners

Asset Owners

Combining responsibility with long-term profitability through more fact based engagement with managers.

Asset Managers

Allocating ESG resources in line with proven materiality, measuring impact and communicating more effectively.

Aggregate Reporting

Our reporting solutions allow you to tailor your integrated reporting to your specific preferences around ESG integration, available datasets and factor weighting.

Rebuild Trust

Through our FLAME tools, we seek to rebuild trust in a manager by taking a forensic approach to analyzing the consequences of all their past investment decisions.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the DNA of a manager we help you develop the trust needed to build a long term relationship and better handle periods of underperformance.

Regain Control

We insure the most relevant issues will be put on the table first by linking how financial performance may have been generated alongside ESG evolutions.

Gains and losses can be challenged in the context of the long term investing style you may expect from your managers.

Efficient Engagement

We help you efficiently identify the issues and holdings to focus on given the resource intensive nature of Good stewardship can go beyond supporting the better running of a company to how a fund can also be better run.

We use a collaborative approach with managers by linking ESG to performance and highlighting how much alpha can be gained or losses avoided by correctly assessing material externalities on a forward looking basis.

Fees for Value

We help determine which managers can justify their fees by generate performance through correctly anticipating positive changes

Improving your performance

By using portfolio data to map the ESG DNA of a manager, we can widen the universe of funds to include high caliber managers who implicitly integrate ESG through thorough fundamental research but do not necessarily label or market themselves as such.

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